Friday, May 1, 2015

October 20-2014

Mom and Dad,
i did get the package with sheets and my drivers license. they gave it to me my first day here. and everyone for some reason looked mad at me. they were just jealous. i also got the package with the ipod and speaker. we use them almost every day. and thank you for sending my boots. we did some service the other day clearing a members property (and we burned all the cleared brush, it was a huge fire) and the bushes had thorns that were almost 3 inches long and they were going right through the bottom of my shoes. so i will definitely appreciate having them. just send them to the mission home. and the address i gave you for our house was wrong. i spelled the street wrong. it is Lenzer. dont know why i threw a d in there...
right now i would have to say that my favorite scripture is D&C 6:14. ive been reading D&C lately and thats one that has stood out to me.
we do have to go to the college to do emailing. its pretty far from our house. but we get a ride from other elders. it kinda sucks not having a car.. President Passey doesnt want us using members computers anymore. so hopefully we get ipads before christmas or i wont be able to skype you guys. and that would be a bummer.
P day is monday. usually do emailing around 10 or 11. we werent able to do emails last monday because it was columbus day.. which is a big deal here apparently. so we did it on tuesday. p days are interesting. we play sports for 7 hours every time. which is pretty annoying because we cant get anything else done. and the only thing we play is basketball. its pretty great.
we are teaching a few people actually. theres this couple (theyre not married though) that have been investigators forever. i dont know if theyll get baptized. but theres this older guy (93 years old) we are teaching and both of his sons have been bishops so theyre super excited that he is finally talking to the missionaries. and hes a pretty cool guy too. he gave me 2 pairs of brand new pants.
we do tract a little, but not too much. usually just when we are early for an appointment or someting we will go around their street and see if we can catch anyone. theres a girl named iniesha that wwe gave a bom to and while she was reading the intro her face just totally lit up. but when we stopped by a second time she wasnt home and her mom seemed like she wanted nothing to do with it. bummer. and we also tracted into this super buff black guy named Piquan. and he invited us to dinner, bible study, and to go to his church with him. and the church he goes to is a huge baptist church so it would be cool to see inside. but he hasnt called us back.
im sorry to hear about grandpa. seems like nothing can kill that guy. hopefully he enjoys the sub in my truck. i can picture him driving down the road with some rap turned up really loud. that would be awesome!
and to answer dads questions about the ghost chile wings... they arent called ghost chilis for no reason.. its because they haunt you.
Audree, way to go on beating bingham. im sure you had more to do with the win than anybody else.
too bad you guys didnt go hunting this year. maybe audree wont be able to get one before me though. ;)

some things i think you guys should do.. family history work. its really cool. we were supposed to be trained in the programs but i guess they couldnt squeeze that into the 12 days. but there are some members here who gave us a crash course, and it is so cool. and i also think you guys should get some more food storage. i dont know why, but i feel like i should tell you that.
 "He who must not be named" Elder Nick Erekson

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