Friday, May 1, 2015


dear family, 
This week has been great. e. ruff and i have worked really hard and we got 32 lessons! its the highest in the zone. of the baptisms we had scheduled, 2 have canceled. its really sad to see these people who ive fallen in love with just give up. they think that they cant do something but they dont even try! it is really sad. 
im sad to hear that mickelle has been sick. but i think shell get a part in the musical. 
im missing sam too. no one here really wants to play catch with me. can you send him in a package? 
im glad you were able to visit with the raverts! arent they awesome people?? we know Jim as the man with the coldesack on his head. because of his hair. thanks for sending the sticks down! that was awesome! ill make good use of them! 
weve been getting up every morning with our district at 530 to play basketball. its been kinda fun.

i have been doing really well. my legs are getting strong from riding my bike around 15 miles almost every day.
we did have 4 investigators with baptism dates. some of them fell through. because of various reasons. but i think that all of them will be baptized. maybe not by me. but by someone.
we did get an invitation to thanksgiving. We are going to the yearsleys house. and they told us to bring investigators. so we have 1 coming and also a less active member.
you know.. theres not much i really need for christmas. theres this used clothing place by our house and we go there and buy all their skinny ties. its awesome.
i havent heard any news on the ipads. i honestly dont know if well get them. morgan did though. he got one in the mtc!
not much else has gone on this week. no awesome stories.. but its been great being here. a lot of the time i regret that i waited so long to make the decision to come out. but the lord was preparing me in ways that i dont think i will ever know.
way to go on the talks! ill bet there was someone there who needed to hear something you had to say. it always seems that way. way to go mom for teaching all those lessons as well! bet that made for a busy saturday night! ;)
its weird to think that ill be 20 tomorrow.. i still feel like im 13 (still older than dad). but maybe itll always be that way.
i miss you guys a ton. and youre in my thoughts and prayers. happy thanksgiving!!
Elder Erekson

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