Friday, May 1, 2015

mom and dad, and adjoining family members,
sorry my email was short last week. we were in a rush.. since we dont have a car, some other elders come pick us up. and they had an appointment they had to get to.
i am doing well. i have been sleeping well, and we have eaten dinner with members every night so far. and actually, not much of it is mexican food. although last night we had tacos. yay. and i did find my camera. 
 we live in sierra vista. my first day we came here to the cochise college to email so i thought that was the name of the town i would be serving in. mah bad. our address is 409 s lendzner montago bay appts. number 10-10101. theres a sister Erikson in the tucson mission and apparently shes been getting some of my mail.
i havent gotten your package yet. and i might not for awhile. were a ways from tucson. and since elder ruff moved into this zone, he hasnt gotten any mail. his drivers license got lost in the mail.
the bike is good. i got a trek bike. i like it very much. elder ruff got a spedometer thing for his bike. so we flipped my bike over and put his front tire on my rear tire and saw how fast we could get it. 56.6 mph. it was awesome.
i would like to have my boots for when we do service. saturday we did 6 hours of it and i stepped on a rusty nail. luckily it just hurt. no skin breakage. 
the weather here is great! it does get a little chilly at night. rained a lot last week. but other than that its been warm and sunny. i wouldnt mind having my coat. but its not that big of a deal. 
we went to the Bouchards for conference. they fed us breakfast lunch and dinner. this ward spoils us so much. im extremely lucky. my favorite talk was in priesthood. i think that it was also given by Uchtorf. he said that everyones faith starts out as a tiny seed and takes time to grow. that one spoke to me. i wish i could have had some buscuits and gravy. that sounds soo good. 
i kinda just want a one piece for the heck of it. i have no idea what size i would wear. but i also would like a copy of my patriarchal blessing. its in the tool box that grandma gave me. i would also like my p90x videos (its next to the sony dvd player under the tv in my room). we want to do the some of the workouts on p days. also if theres a copy of jesus the christ, our heritage, and our search for happiness lying around, i would love to have my own. theres some here if not but i cant write my own notes in them.
and in regards to the purchase i made. yes, it was from a pawn shop. and yes it was a guitar. elder ruff said hes gonna teach me to play. and so far its going alright.
but heres som sweet stories. so we were out door knocking the other day before dinner. and as we were walking back from this one house, a rabbit like popped out of a bush in her front yard. so what did we do?? took a picture. we decided that it would give us a bad image if we were chasing a rabbit around someones yard. 
then, the next day, we were at some other elders' house (the ones who give us rides) and i was looking around the property, and found a turtle!! it made me think of sams turtle. 
and last but not least, theres this place called Vinnys here in sierra vista and they do hot wings and pizza. so they have this challenge. its 20 ghost pepper (hottest pepper in the world) wings. i decided that i was gonna do it the first time i heard about it. so one day some other elders called and asked if we wanted to go get some pizza at vinnys. so we went and i completed this challenge. on my first try. even the guy from man vs. food couldnt do this challenge. it was awesome! i got a sweet shirt.

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