Friday, May 1, 2015


hey there family!
i am feeling great. healthy as a horse. could ride my bike to canada.
i guess you already know that elder Ruff and i are staying together for another transfer. Sister Bouchard said that mom and her are BFFs now. she actually has a daughter that left for montana a few weeks ago. im glad i get to stay here for a while. the members here are super awesome!
so this week has been crazy. we had transfers this week (which is crazy anyways) so instead of P day we had "mystical monday" basically our zone gets together and says goodbye to everyone who is leaving. then on tuesday we have P day. but since tuesday was veterans day, and this is a military town, pretty much the whole city was shut down. so now were out emailing on wednesday
im glad paden made it home safely. im not surprised dye wouldnt let go. two years is a long time. how many other missionaries were there coming home on that flight? i feel like its been forever since ive seen paden. its kinda weird.

i think that im gonna try to get hold of a lacrosse stick somewhere. i havent seen any gear around here and no one knows what it is so i might have to ask you guys to send me some stuff..
im glad grandpa got his truck back. and im not surprised that hes changing the oil in mine. while i was working with him i decided that if theres something that needs to be done, you need to do it before he did it. because... well. hes pretty young.
its cool that you were able to try to give that elder my old shoes. if someone had offered that to me i wouldve been very grateful. but my shoes and everything are holding up nicely. im not sure if theyre machine washable though. i washed a pair of my pants at the mtc and they look weird now.
so we ate dinner with this family who has a missionary out. and they told us that he had asked them to pray for his investigators. so do you think i could do the same thing? our investigators are Ed Howden, Rosamber Rosas, Rabecca Lucero, Nick and Brittany Lahr, Thomas Jones, and Ian (dont know his last name). so maybe in family prayers you could mention them.
We actually dont do a lot of tracting. we visit a lot of less active members and part member families. a lot of our investigators are referaly from members of the ward. it makes things a lot easier.
you guys have a wonderful week. and know that i love and miss all of you. a lot.
Elder Nick Erekson
thanks for the email addresses. can i get audrees also? and if mickelle has one i want hers too.

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