Friday, May 1, 2015


hey ya'll,
mom is saying that its been quiet around the house? is audree not home very much or something? im glad you guys liked the picture the lady sent you! Elder Ruff and I were given lights to decorate our bikes and candy to give out at the trunk or treat for the stake were in. I actually cant think of the ladys name that took our picture. theres a lot of names I cant remember. we loved the ties that die sent us. the other missionaries were jealous. wow.. paden gets home on Friday. it seems like he didn't leave long ago. I still remember his farewell. you should make signs for him. but I don't think hell have a hard time picking all of you guys out. itll be a big group.
how does sam like being 9? its too bad he didn't go trick or treating. now he doesn't have candy to eat! bummer! that's way cool that they opened a popeyes there. ill bet its super good. when is fried food not? how was the carrot cake? you cant go wrong with that either.
the pumpkins that you carved look awesome! that big one is really big. did it have lots of seeds? the one you did for me looks pretty good. who carved it?
its good that sam got another nerf gun. maybe he can shoot the missionaries with it if they come over again for dinner.

I am feeling good. nothing wrong here.

we actually didn't teach many lessons this week. people kept canceling on us. it was really disappointing. but it worked out. we were able to go do a lot of service. theres a less active member who we have been helping clean his yard up. he called and asked us to  help with some dead trees in his back yard. but he didn't really have ny tools, so elder ruff and I literally tore a tree apart with our bare hands. the tree was actually pretty big. it was so much fun. and then we got to help some other members replace their roof. these guys' roof has been leaking for years and it was super soggy. believe it or not... I fell through. it was super funny. but roofing is not something I would like doing for a job. my back was killing me.

for Halloween, we were supposed to not go out on the streets. for "reasons". but a lot of our ward members wanted us to go to the trick or treat. so we wrapped our bikes in lights and threw them in our ward mission leaders truck (the church is like 8 miles from where we live, uphill the whole way). and a lot of people gave us candy to give out. it was a blast. little kids love the missionaries.

the old guy who set a baptism date is still getting baptized. he is super excited for it. his kids are as well. when we go teach him, we just answer his questions for sometimes an hour. he is really funny. I think grandpa and him would get along great. same kind of humor. He is set to be baptized on January 17. that's the only time all of his kids can come to town.

transfers are this week actually. I don't think Elder Ruff or I will get transferred out or split. but out zone leader is going home and a lot of the other missionaries think that Ruff and I will be the new zone leaders or replace the district leader. either way, that's a huge responsibility. but I don't think that will happen. were both still pretty new.

Love you guys so much. I miss you all a lot.

Love, Elder Erekson

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