Friday, May 1, 2015


to whomever reads this email,

i am feeling good. ive been healthy so far. but the fillings that i HAD to get before i came out hurt all the time. thats it though. other than that, all smiles.

i am still teaching that man who is 93. we have taught him 3 lessons and he has decided to be baptized. it was really cool. he wrote it on one of the gospel books we gave him and he showed us and i swear he was glowing. something really cool though. he was telling us some of the things hes had to give up in order to be baptized. which is really only 2 things. 1, he drinks coffee. but its so watered down that he says it basically just warm water. and the other thing.. he was a 32nd degree mason. he was a freaking free mason! thats so cool! but he has to resign to be baptized so.. oh well. hes really excited to be baptized. and apparently elder ruff and i are really good teachers because he was telling us that we should go sell freezers to eskimos. interesting.

things with elder ruff are going really well. we get along great. theres a lot about being a missionary that i need to learn though. the other day we got back to our house early and we hadnt been able to study in the morning because it was zone conference. so we decided to study at night. but.. we got home, found a pass along card, and then proceeded to throw them at eachother for 3 hours. if theres a better way to learn the gospel, someone has to tell me. because we found it.
i got the package from you guys. and i got one from the mays. but i havent been able to open them. theres no where for them to leave packages so they take them to the post office. and the post office is a ways from our area. so we usually go get them on p days. so theyre in the truck now.

the truck i sent a picture of belongs to a friend of brother bouchard. when we went and cleared that property he came to help. and that is his truck. he made it himself. the cab and the bed are from different trucks and he doesnt remember which ones. but i thought it was really cool so i took a picture, and thought id share it.
way to go on the bike ride! 62 miles is a lot.. we ride about 10 every day. so were a ways off. im glad you were able to stop in arizona! isnt it great? everything here is trying to kill you! i love it! i am going to catch a rattle snake though.
way to go on the lacrosse seasons everybody. happy birthday sam (hopefully you get my letter in time). i wish some of the people we eat with would have nerf gun wars with us. they always have to be super fancy. pfft.
anyways, i love you guys. i miss you a ton. 
Love, Elder Nicholas Erekson

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