Tuesday, May 5, 2015


hello family,
this week went pretty well. yes.. found out that my wrist is broken.. the bottom bone in my wrist is broken. thats all i know though. the doctor gave me a splint. so its half a cast that i wrap to my arm and it is really annoying because it moves a lot. i dont know how much good it is doing. it does make riding my bike harder, but i am getting better at riding with no hands.
for having the most lessons, the sr missionaries (the millers) gave us a big candy bar. it was cool. the millers are awesome. they live in the same apartment complex as us so we go visit them sometimes. they said that they want to come to our homecomings. they live in utah, so its not much of a trip.
thanks for sending the birthday package! im sure sending it with the raverts was better than mailing it. the nerf guns are a huge hit with all of the missionaries that come over to our apartment. the bike computer is super cool. i was thinking about getting one but this one is better than the one i wouldve gotten. E. ruff has one on his bike and we always see how fast we can go. so far our record is 33.2 mph (downhill). so now ill get to set my own maybe. 
Im glad you guys had a good thanksgiving! how was padens first one home? is he kinda weird? my district leader is going home this transfer and he says hes excited to find out how weird hes become. his name is e. natane. and hes from west valley. so i told him next time hes at west fest to look dad up. 
you guys should have taken some pictures at thanksgiving. see some pictures of tayum haha. td.. 
way to go on the 5K! thats way cool! how did audrees knees do while she was running it? what were your times? ill bet you were able to go pretty quick.
so i got an email from tanner saying that hes put his mission papers in. how awesome is that!? you guys have to send me a video of him opening his call ok? good.
This week wasnt as successful as last week. with it being the holiday there were a lot of people who were out of town so we didnt really get many lessons in. but we got the only new investigator in the zone! boom! down but not out. and i think E ruff is starting to get sick. so weve kinda been taking it a little easy.
i am feeling good. lately ive been really tired but i think we just need to go to bed earlier. my wrist was broken when i crashed on my bike. but im sure that playing basketball everyday and riding a bike wasnt good for it. the dr said that it has been prevented from healing so i guess i get to start the healing process now. my teeth are doing fine. they hurt every once in awhile but its not bad. just a little annoying.
Things with elder ruff are pretty good. we get along really well so thats definitely a bonus. i havent really played th guitar much. and since my wrist got hurt i dont think ive touched it. but he doesnt really want to learn to lax. which is sad. i could teach him the true sport while were teaching the true gospel.
thanksgiving was pretty good. we went to some members who invited a whole bunch of non members over also. it was a little odd. they were watching a football game the whole time. kinda distracting. shes an amazing cook though. and she signed up to feed us on christmas as well. so were excited for that. 
i cant really think of anything i need for christmas, but tsomething that would be awesome is the sound track to the last of the mohicans, the patriot, and the hobbit. we can listen to soundtracks because its usually classical music. and also... i accidentaly sent my white pants home witht he raverts.. so if you could send those back. thatd be awesome. i might need them at some point. hopefully.
transfers are on the 17 of december. i think one of us will get transfered. most likely itll be E ruff. hes been here since september. so it might be his time to go. we are having way to much fun though. 
by the way, dads story about the great white hunter made me laugh and i had to share it with some other elders, they also thought it was funny.
i would send some pictures.. but i forgot my camera. so i will have to send them next week.. sorry about that.
but anyways. much love and i miss you all a ton.
Love Elder Nick Erekson

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