Friday, May 1, 2015


Dear family,
im glad everything there is going well. things here are good also. thats cool that paden got to give his talk. theres a missionary from my zone that finished his mission last transfer and he siad being home sucks. so im sure its going to be hard for paden to adjust back into normal life. 
thats cool that you took sam out. what movie did you see? whats it about? 
this last week has been great. we were really busy and were able to get the amount of lessons we planned for as a district. and E. Ruff and i have 3 of the 4 baptism dates in out district. 
this morning we hiked up to Coronado cave as a zone. it was only like a 15 minute hike. but the cave was really cool. when we got in, there was a big cavern that had a cool echo so we all sang hymns, some primary songs and also a few disney songs. it was really cool. i wish there were more things like that we could do. 
sunday was the temple dedication for the Phoenix AZ temple. it was really cool. the people that sang in it did a really good job. there was a lady whose mouth was open so wide while she was singing, that a cantelope couldve fit in there. not really.. but it was kinda funny. There were some really good talks given. Elder Uchtdorf gave a talk about doing genology work and then dedicated the temple. so now ive been to two temple dedications while on my mission. 
no news on the ipads. we were supposed to get them in august ive heard. but they keep pushing the dates for that back. but if we dont get them by christmas we wont be able to skype home for christmas.which would not be fun. but who knows. 
we havent been invited to any thanksgivings yet. but i bet we will. the people here are super in love with missionaries in general. its really cool.
Im glad Grandma is getting out for thanksgiving. she seems to spend a lot of time at home. that wopuld not be fun.
theres a member here that we see a lot of named Jim and Karen Ravert. they are going to utah this week and wanted to stop and see our families. so dont be surprised when some really smiley people show up to the house.
i am feeling good still. no problems here. 
you know.. i cant really think of anything that i need for my birthday. 
i did get the pumpkin seeds. they were awesome! elder ruff thought it was weird that i would eat them, but nobody is perfect. 
we have two new investigators. Nick and Brittany. they have a lilttle girl whos like 1 and a half. Brittany wants to get baptised... but theyre not married. so that complicates things. other than that its the same people. 
Elder Ruff has been on his mission about 8 months. this is his third in sierra vista. so hes only been here one transfer longer than me. 
speaking in church.. yes i have spoken in church. my first week they asked me to speak. and the next week we taught gospel principles.
i love you guys and miss you a ton. 
Love Elder Erekson

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