Wednesday, April 29, 2015


well, today is my second day in Arizona. it was really hot walking off of the plane. Elder coesens sat by a guy on the flight and talked to him the whole time. when we saw him later walking around, he looked like he could crush a watermelon between two fingers. his pinkys actually. we went and had dinner at the mission presidents.. he has a really nice house. but guess what! I went to high school with my comanion! he is Elder Ruff. we have actually known eachother for awhile. since middle school. but im in this town called Cochise. its a fairly small town. I don't know where it falls on a map, I fell asleep on the way over here. it was great. we went and had lunch with one of the members, the Reavers. they made some grilled cheese sandwiches (not as good as moms) and I even tried tomatoes on them. they were alright. the tomatoes I mean. oh funny story. so last night Elder Murray, Coesiens and myself stayed at some other missionaries apartment. it was really dirty. (mine is fairly clean) but elder murray got upset at Coesens and I because he wanted to sleep and we were just talking. so the other Elders invited him to sleep in their room. even after I warned them of his snoring. a few minutes later, we heard snoring, and the other Elders trying to wake him up to stop the snoring. long story short, they ended up sleeping out with Elder Coesens and I in the main room.
so far I am liking it here. its really not that much hotter than Utah. yet. but I think ill have some adjusting to do regardless. Theres lots of wild critters here that are dangerous. Just like in the great outback. not really. but there are some scary loking lizzards.

Elder Erekson

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